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TN Beef Producers Marketing Alliance

Columbia Livestock Center

1231 Industrial Park Road
Columbia TN 38401
Sale Day Phone:
Sale Day Fax:

Paul Gibson, Manager

For your convenience we accept stock on the Sunday before the sale from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm and beginning at 6:30 am on sale day.

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USDA Scrapie Tag Requirements in Tennessee

Goat Sale

2018 Regular Sales

January 8 & 22
February 12 & 26
March 12 & 26
April 9 & 23
May 14
June 11 & 25
July 9 & 23
August 13 & 27
September 10 & 24
October 8 & 22
November 12
December 17

Important Information:

General Guidelines for Livestock Owners to Manage Heat Stress

  • Observe livestock frequently during hot days.
  • Signs of heat stress in goats, sheep and cattle are heavy panting, slobbering, lack of coordination and trembling.
  • Provide an abundant amount of accessible clean cool drinking water. Water consumption may increase by as much as 50 percent during periods of extreme heat.
  • Provide shade for animals and use temporary structures if needed. If kept indoors, be sure there is good ventilation. Use fans if necessary to keep the air circulating and animals more comfortable.
  • If necessary, use sprinklers or foggers to wet livestock to dissipate heat thru evaporation.
  • Consider feeding more at night rather than during the heat of the day.
  • Avoid the transport or working of livestock on hot days and if absolutely necessary transport or work livestock in the early morning hours.
  • Control flies and biting insects.

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